…Easily finding and making LIFE DEPENDENT time for YOURSELF – even if it’s a simple 5-minutes.

…Looking in the mirror and Loving your Self-Reflection as you give yourself a Compliment instead of nit-picking everything about yourself.

…A Heightened Self-Confidence  that screams, “I LOOK GORGEOUS & SEXY!”

…Discovering a Youthful Vibe and a Healthy Glow.

…You’re feeling Empowered with a Postive Mindset

NOW that you joined the Self-Empowerment Academy, 

  • Your weekly tips, motivation, and virtual talks with Tanya have given you the crucial steps you needed that has lead you to success!
  • You’re easily making”ME” time in your busy mom life and are achieving what you want!
  • You’re no longer overwhelmed and experience less stress!
  • You’re waking up refreshed from a good nights sleep, feeling less irritable and no longer burnt-out!
  • You are no longer stuck or feel alone! 
  • You are continuously moving forward on your positive and Empowering journey!

Gone is, “Wishing and Wanting”, and you’re NOW living a lifestyle that says, “I’m doing this because I’ve learned how easy and simple it is to do.  Why did I used to tell myself,  “There’s just not enough hours in the day to do something for me!”